1 What is the Ex-Alibabaer Club?

The Ex-Alibabaer Club is a non-profit organization composed of former Alibaba employees that focuses on furthering Alibaba’s unique vision and culture of collaboration. The founder of the Ex-Alibabaer Club, Frank Li, is a well-known entrepreneur and an angel investor. Currently, the group is led by Sean Shou, one of Taobao founders.

Ex-Alibabaer Club is composed of investors, startup founders, and other former Alibaba executives. Through information sharing, cooperation, and Alibaba ingenuity, members in this group have achieved continuous success, positively impacting society.

2 Who are Ex-Alibabaer Club Members?

Our members are scattered across the world, and include Savio Kwan (former Alibaba COO), John Wu (former CTO), David Wei (former Alibaba B2B CEO), Kangming Deng (former Alibaba CPO), Frank Li, and Sean Shou.

3 How do I join the Ex-Alibabaer Club?

If you are an overseas Alibaba alumna or alumnus with an official Alibaba Employee ID, please add wechat ID “Crystalasu” or call 480-298-3858. Please also fill out the form available on www.qianchenghui.com.

No matter where are you, you are always a member of the Alibaba Family!









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